We at sloggi are on a pioneering mission to embolden people to be truly comfortable, by creating the most wearable, innovative bodywear in the world. After launching in 1979 we quickly became the best-selling brief brand in Europe, and today our bodywear is sold to millions of consumers across all of Europe, Asia, Central- and South America.

Our success is fueled by comfort innovations that redefined the underwear category and we constantly strive to continue on this path, in order to deliver unrivalled comfort that powers people’s everyday.

We believe that true comfort goes beyond only products. It is the state of mind we stand for and inspire in people: Proudly being who we are and living life on our terms, without the pressures of having to prove anything to anyone. Free-spirited, real, bold and not taking ourselves too seriously - we are going to show people all over the world that true comfort is not worrying about the expectations of others; it’s about being free to be your true self.

With these ambitious plans in mind, we are looking for talented and committed people who want to help us embolden people to stand for themselves through the unrivalled comfort of the world’s most wearable innovative everyday bodywear.